jouanne roberson | fine art

Many of my early drawings began with Crayola, gouache, or oil stick, then the magic... Through cut away, rearranging, and layering techniques, similar to that of Japanese paper-cut-art called Kirie (Kiri-e = cut-pictures), the digital image undergoes a myriad of wave patterns accented with light and shadow. These paintings complete photo-emulsions even as they are laboriously handcrafted these simple drawings transform into intriguing new forms that cause the eyes to dance. My ensemble work, expresses the need to be understood. I want my art to convey intricate detail as precisely as writers use words to create imagery... In doing so, I can expand the viewers vocabulary of symbolism in the global quest to be truly more connected. 

Solo Exhibition
2013.12 -- Sacramento City College, "Cornucopia of Ideas,” Sacramento, California

Group Exhibitions
2016.12 -- Art Basel “Superfine,” Miami, FL
2015.7 -- Musee de Louvre, “Still Life Collection,” Paris, France
2013 -- Kondos Art Gallery, Sacramento City College, California
2012 -- Kondos Art Gallery, Sacramento City College, California
2008 -- Agora Gallery, “Pixel Perfect: —the Digital Fine Art Exhibition.” New York, NY
2008 – Marco Fuoco Gallery, “Local Arts Scene,” Sacramento, California
2008-09 – Fe Gallery, “Newcomers,” “Art for MS.” Sacramento, California.
2007 – 1 st Annual Fundraiser; for the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Center's Duke Ellington Art Exhibition, Sacramento, California
2005 – Gregory Barton Gallery, Sacramento, California
1999 – A Still l Life Gallery, Sacramento, California
1995 – Present RESIDENT No.9 GALLERY, Sacramento, California
1992 – Bobby-Lou Hargis Gallery, “Show Name,” City of Industry, California
2016 - Honorable Mention - Digital Illustration of the Year End Show. Sacramento City College, California
2013 - “Still Life Collection,” See | Me
2007 - Winner of the Chiaroscuro Jury Art Competition.

2015 – Associates Degree, Art, Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA
2014 – Associates Degree, Film and Media Studies, Consumnes River College, Sacramento, CA
2003 – Diploma of Completion, Multimedia Graphic Design Specialist, Institute of Technology, Mather, CA
1992 –''Writing for Children and Teenagers'', the Institute for Children's Literature
1981-82 - Engineering, California State University, Sacramento, CA